Advantage Flea Killer is a flea control product manufactured by Bayer’s Animal Health division. In addition to manufacturing Advantage Multi Topical Solution, Bayer Animal Health also produces K9 Advantix, which is a flea, tick and mosquito control product. Bayer’s Animal Health division specializes in the eradication and control of parasites, and is also responsible for developing several different prescription medications that are now used in veterinary medicine. Bayer is a company that was first founded in Barmen, Germany in 1863. Though Bayer is best-known for their production and development of human-grade aspirin, the Bayer Company has expanded to include many different specialized divisions dedicated to health care. According to revenue data collected in 2008, Bayer is currently the third largest health care company in the world, preceded only by Pfizer (with Wyeth) and Johnson & Johnson. The North American operational headquarters for Bayer Animal Health are currently located in Shawnee, Kansas.

Advantage Formulas

Advantage for Cats – Advantage for Cats is a formula that is designed for use as a complete flea control formula. It is marketed as killing all biting fleas within three to five minutes after application, and is available for use in cats that are eight weeks of age or older.

Advantage for Dogs – Advantage for Dogs is a flea control product marketed and manufactured by the Bayer Company. Advantage for Dogs is available for use on all dogs that are seven weeks of age or older, and is marketed as being very effective in eradicating flea infestations on dogs.

The Active Ingredient – Imidacloprid

All of the Advantage brand flea control products include the same active ingredient. This ingredient is called Imidacloprid, and is classified as a Neonicotinoid. Neonicotinoids are a special class of insecticidal products that mainly act by directly affecting an insect’s central nervous system. Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Advantage flea killer, is probably the most widely used insecticidal product for current insect control purposes. It is a chlorinated analog of nicotine, and does not affect larger mammals with high toxicity. This is the main reason why Inidacloprid is a suitable active ingredient for use in Advantage flea killer, since it only affects insects with a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.

Features Of Advantage

Advantage flea killer is marketed as being an effective flea treatment that only needs to be administered once per month. The product is applied to the skin of the infected animal, and is eventually absorbed through the pores. Once absorbed, the active ingredient in Advantage works to kill all biting fleas within three to five minutes. Quick action against a flea infestation is essential, since secondary problems (such as flea allergy dermatitis) may occur on an animal after prolonged infection. The Advantage formula is also marketed as being waterproof, since it is absorbed through an animal’s skin.

Advantage Customer Reviews And Ratings

Most customers seem to have good results when using Advantage flea killer on their pets. It is very effective, and does not often produce any serious side effects. However, it may be less effective if not administered correctly, which highlights the importance of following the product’s directions exactly. However, Advantage comes with a guarantee of its effectiveness, and seems to be 100% effective for most pet owners. Advantage is usually available for purchase at most veterinary facilities, and some may even offer a discount if you buy a substantial amount of the product.

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