Kill insects, especially cockroaches. It can become a daunting task. I’m sure you were trying to find the best roach bait. Fortunately, poisons roach help us eliminate pests quickly, making them disappear altogether in just over a week!

Besides, in this post, you will get all the information you need about the products to kill cockroaches and how to use them. These bugs will never be a problem!

What are the cockroaches?

Surely at some point, you’ve encountered a cockroach, although there are different types: American cockroaches, German cockroaches … These insects are virtually blind, so they tend to nest in dark, damp places near a food source. They are nocturnal, which may complicate we find where they nest.

Although often cause us an absolute repulsion, it is crucial to exterminate them because they can infect various types of diseases and contaminate our food. These harmful microbes that are mostly transmitted in their saliva, which becomes so important that we can exterminate them quickly.

Types of poisons roach

There are different types of exterminating cockroaches that work and will help control pests easily. It is essential to know what types are there to buy the one that best suits our needs, that’s why we show the most common!


These products do not end instantly with the plague, but in about one week can reduce an entire population. This is because it produces a chain reaction, killing cockroach bait has been consumed and all the contacting.

Sticky traps

Usually not directly kill cockroaches, unless you spend as much time glued to die of starvation. They can help you monitor the pest, but it is convenient to use other treatments at once.

Aerosol sprays

They are instrumental, but they work only if applied directly on the cockroach. They have a chain effect, so help exterminate the cockroaches when you see them, but it’s hard to end up with a plague.

Exterminating tablets

These tablets usually contain boric acid, a beneficial poison if they want to kill the cockroaches. This poison dehydrates these bugs to death, although the process can be prolonged. It is a product of low toxicity and accessible.

IGR products

They not directly kill cockroaches, but sterilize the population and stop the growth of the cockroach larvae. Often it used as a complementary measure in case of very striking pests.

How to exterminate pests cockroaches

Even if you found cockroaches at home and want to kill them, you may realize that it is not a simple task as it seems. For that reason, we show you how to exterminate these pests step now, for they never are a problem!

Identifies the plague

Not the same a couple of cockroaches that a real disease of these insects and this largely determines the method you will use to exterminate them.

To identify whether or not there is a plague, see if the following scenarios:

  • Cockroach droppings
  • The musky smell, an odor characteristic of these insects when played
  • There are dead bodies of cockroaches

Although it is easier to find nests of cockroaches manually, these three things are clear signs that we are facing a plague, and it ‘s time to act!

Locate your nest

Cockroaches are practically blind insects feel safe in warm, dark places with absolute humidity.

For that reason, carefully reviewed every part of our home that meets those requirements, taking into account especially the following areas :

  • basements
  • Behind furniture
  • Construction areas
  • cracks
  • Sinks and drains

Note that usually nest near those places where there are water and food, such as cabinets or behind our appliances.

Take action

After discovering where they nest, it’s time to make specific hygiene measures. In addition to repair cracks and any damage where they nest, it is essential that our house has proper ventilation and is clean. Preventing trash from accumulating and leaving exposed food and you’ll be one step closer to ending these insects.

Directly controls

Once you’ve checked the cleanliness of your home, it’s time to control the pest directly. To do this, you have to find the right steps to help you eliminate these insects, taking into account the types of insecticides exist.

Once you have set the appropriate poison, you have to wait for it to take effect! In a few weeks cockroaches no longer be a problem! Ç

Four best roach poisons

There are countless products on the specially designed to kill cockroaches market. You can usually find poison for cockroaches in any shop, but if you are looking for the perfect poison, there is nothing better than the market on the Internet.

For that reason, we show you the four best roach poisons that you can buy at a single click! These bugs will no longer be a problem! To compile this list, we rely on the ratings and reviews of each product. Nothing more confident that hundreds of happy users use!

Home Remedies to kill cockroaches

Although roach poisons work very effectively, you can also try some home remedies that can help end the plague quickly and naturally. We will recommend the use of borax, a common ingredient in soap that is capable of damaging its shell and dehydrate completely.

Still, if you want to try other more affordable methods, bay leaf is another right choice. Its smell repels cockroaches, making it not out of hiding, although you have to keep in mind that you must find a way to exterminate them. The catnip and lavender also produce the same effect on cockroaches.

You can also try making your homemade traps with glue and put it together with other natural methods to exterminate cockroaches such as ammonia, another potent cockroach repellent.

Baking is another product that has been traditionally used to kill cockroaches, as the draws but eventually exterminate them. To make a powerful trap, you can try to mix the soda with sugar. And for you, what is the best roach poison?

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