Frontline Top Spot is a topical flea control product that is available in specialized formulas for both dogs and cats. In addition to helping eradicate fleas, Frontline Top Spot also works to kill several different tick species. Some of the affected tick species are the brown dog tick, the American dog tick, the lone star tick and the deer tick. Since the deer tick is the number one carrier of Lyme Disease, Frontline Top Spot is marketed as being a preventive product against Lyme Disease infection.

Product Formulas

Frontline Top Spot has different formulas for use on dogs and cats. Each of these formulas contains a different percentage of Fipronil, to ensure that each animal receives the proper amount of the product. All of these formulas are available in a 3 dose package, a 6 dose package and a 12 dose package. Each dose is effective for approximately one month, at which time it needs to be reapplied. Frontline Top Spot is marketed as being able to kill all existing fleas on a dog or cat within 24 hours after the initial application of the product.

Frontline Top Spot For Dogs

Frontline Top Spot for Dogs is available in four different weight-specific formulas, each of which has a different concentration of the active ingredient, Fipronil. Frontline Top Spot for Dogs has a formula designed for dogs that are up to 22 lbs in weight, and eight weeks of age or older. This formula contains 9.7% fipronil per 0.67 ml. Frontine Top Spot for Dogs from 23 to 44 lbs contains 9.7% fipronil per 1.34 ml. Frontline Top Spot for Dogs from 45 to 88 lbs contains 9.7% fipronil per 2.8 ml. Frontline Top Spot for Dogs from 89 to 132 lbs contains 9.7% fipronil per 4.02 ml.

Frontline Top Spot For Cats

Frontline Top Spot for Cats is currently only available in one formula variation. This formula can be used on all cats and kittens that are eight weeks of age or older. Each application tube contains 0.50 ml of Frontline Top Spot, which is made up of 9.7% fipronil.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

In general, customer reviews about Frontline Top Spot are approximately 60% positive, and 40% negative. Most of the negative reviews about Frontline Top Spot stated that it is not effective as a long-term method for treating fleas and ticks on household pets. A complaint by a few pet owners was that the product did not contain any growth hormone inhibitor, which is sometimes used in flea control products in order to disrupt a flea’s life cycle.

Most positive reviews from pet owners stated that they were able to use Frontline Top Spot on their pets without any problems. Positive reviews also cited that the product is effective when used as directed, and when used in combination with household flea control products (such as carpet spray and home flea foggers). Some pet owners stated that Frontline Top Spot seemed to work on one of their pets, but not the other.

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