Preventic Tick Collar for dogs is a product that is manufactured by the Vibrac Company. Vibrac was first founded in 1968, by a French veterinarian. Vibrac is currently an independent laboratory that is dedicated to animal health research, and is now present in over 100 countries. In addition to producing the Preventic tick collar for dogs, Vibrac also manufactures many different vaccines against certain medical conditions that can affect dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Vibrac also developed the technology for “BackHome”, an electronic identification microchip that can be used to identify lost pets. Vibrac is also very well-known for producing the first-ever veterinary interferon, which uses human medicine to fight certain viral infections in animals. This interferon is called Virbagen Omega, and is currently used to fight viral infections such as canine parovirus, and feline retroviruses.

Preventic Product Information

Preventic Tick Collar ReviewsPreventic Tick Collar for dogs is designed to be used only for the prevention of ticks on dogs, and should not in any circumstance be used to prevent ticks on cats. Preventic tick collar is marketed as being approximately 97% effective at protecting a dog against ticks for up to three months (according to current research data). In addition to this, Preventic tick collar for dogs can prevent new ticks from attaching or feeding on a dog about 48 hours after the initial application. This collar can only be used for dogs that are 12 months of age or older, as stated on the product’s specific directions. The collar is also marketed as being water-resistant and can withstand some light moisture environments.

Preventic Active Ingredient

The active ingredient contained in Preventic Tick Collar for dogs is called amitraz. Amitraz is a specialized anti-parasitic drug, which is used in many different parasite prevention medications. Amitraz is sometimes used on vegetation to control the spread of leaf miners, red spider mites, scale insects and aphids. On animals, amitraz can be used to eradicate and prevent mites, ticks, lice and certain other parasites. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) classifies amitraz as being slightly toxic, categorizing it as Class III. Amitraz cannot be used on horses, because it may cause irreversible gut stasis. The reason why Amitraz is so effective against ticks, is because it works to first paralyze a tick’s mouthparts before eventually killing it. This prevents a tick from attaching to a dog, which can subsequently prevent the transmission of certain diseases (such as Lyme Disease). Amitraz is classified as being a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). This means that humans with diabetes have to be cautious when applying a Preventic Tick Collar to their dog.

Preventic Customer Reveiws And Ratings

Customer reviews about Preventic Tick Collar for dogs are very positive. Most people can vouch for the effectiveness of this product, especially at preventing infection with Lyme Disease in their dogs. Pet owners with multiple pets cited Preventic as being the most effective product at preventing tick infections, with any residual ticks found on Preventic pets not being attached to the skin

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