Program Tablets are a flea control product manufactured and marketed by the Animal Health Division of Novartis International AG. Program Tablets are marketed as being an oral product, which are effective when administered to a flea-infested animal through oral ingestion. Program Tablets are just one of the animal products manufactured by Novartis International. In addition to Program, Novartis also produces Capstar, Fortekor, Milbemax, Interceptor, Deramaxx, Prac-tic, Sentinel, Atopica and Panolog. Program Tablets are available without a prescription, and can be purchased over the counter at most veterinary facilities and pet supply stores.

Product Formulas

Program Tablets are available in different formulas for dogs and cats, each of which contains a regulated dose of the active ingredient. Program Tablets are currently available in two different dosage packages: a 6 dose package and a 12 dose package. Each of these tablets is effective for approximately one month, at which time a new tablet needs to be administered. The active ingredient contained in Program Tablets is called lufenuron. Lufenuron is effective by being stored in an animal’s body fat after ingestion. Lufenuron controls fleas by keeping a developing flea from producing the chitin needed in order to maintain an exoskeleton. Lufenuron does not have any known toxic effects on mammals, though the main side effect associated with Program Tablets is an upset stomach after ingestion.

Program Tablets For Dogs

Program Tablets for Dogs are available in four different formulas, each of which is designed for a dog in a specific weight tier. Program Tablets for Dogs are available for dogs up to 10 lbs, from 11 to 20 lbs, 21 to 45 lbs and for dogs that weigh over 46 lbs.

Program Tablets For Cats

Program Tablets for Cats are available in two different formulas, which are each effective for cats in a specific weight range. Program Tablets for Cats are available for cats from 1 to 6 lbs, and for cats that weigh from 7 to 15 lbs.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Most customer reviews about Program Tablets are relatively positive. The product seems to work just as advertised, without any serious adverse health reactions in most pets. As stated on the product label, the most common side effect of Program Tablets is upset stomach, though this seems to be relatively rare in most dogs. Another positive factor of Program Tablets seemed to be that most pets found the formula to be relatively appealing in taste, which made administration of the product much easier for pet owners.

A negative factor cited by some pet owners was the relatively high expense of this product, and the fact that it needs to be used in addition to a flea control product such as Capstar. The reason for this is that Program Tablets are designed to break a flea’s life cycle, and do not kill all adult fleas. However, as part of a total flea treatment program, Program Tablets seem to work just as their product label advertises for the majority of pet owners.

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