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If you have a pet, no doubt you are concerned about its welfare. One major topic that many pet owners and pet lovers are concerned with is controlling the infestation of pests like Fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can be a bothersome nuisance to both you and your pet dog or pet cat, and in turn this can negatively affect you and your family also.


Fleas are an irritant because their bites form itchy and irritating sores on humans. Fleas are blood-sucking insects that bite both humans and animals and. They can jump lengths of over a foot, and have a lifespan as long as several months. If you have children, especially babies, this can be an even bigger concern as the rashes and sores developed from flea bites can potentially be harmful and affect their health adversely.


Ticks can be harmful to humans as they can potentially transmit the very serious disease called Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that may very well prove to be fatal if not treated properly and in time.

Although you may love your pet cats and/or dogs, the welfare of yourself and your family should be of the utmost priority. How can you prevent and remedy the infestation of Fleas and ticks on your most loves pets? Well, there are many medications and solutions that are created for pet dogs and cats and designed especially for this purpose.

Flea and Tick Control Medication

There are special pet medications to control the infestation of flea and ticks on your beloved pet. These remedies are often made and formulated for cats and dogs of all sizes.

One such pet medication called Frontline even makes special formulas for cats and dogs of all sizes, and they also formulate their remedies for baby cats and baby dogs. This means that puppies and kittens that are at least 8 weeks, or 2 months old, are able to be given Frontline flea and tick control.

Frontline is not the only company that makes these pet medications. There are several companies that produce these types of pet meds. Another such brand of pest control medication for your pet is K9 Advantix. This specific brand protects against Fleas, ticks, and also misquitoes. However, like the name of the medication kind of tells you, these formulas are made for dogs only.

You do not have to seek the advice of a trained professional or get a prescription from a veterinarian in order to obtain most flea and tick control pet meds. However, this is recommended as veterinarians are very well-equipped to answer any questions you might have as to if this is a suitable treatment for your pet, if there are any side effects for both pet and humans.

Whatever method and route of flea and tick control you choose to go, it is always best to be safe than sorry. Although a consultation with a veterinarian is not required, it is often strongly recommended.

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